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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Birmingham, AL

Even though you cannot see or feel that your air conditioner is struggling to operate, there may be wear and tear that makes it difficult for the system to perform as usual. Over the course of a year, dirt, debris, and excessive use take its toll on your air conditioner and the system. This will make it run less efficiently than it was designed to and may require repairs early on in the next cooling season. Schedule air conditioning maintenance each year with one of the qualified technicians at Air Conditioning Experts and you may see your energy bills drop and encounter few issues, if any, throughout the summer. Call us today for an AC tune-up in Birmingham, AL!


Air Conditioning Experts provides air conditioning maintenance in Birmingham, AL and the surrounding areas.

The Steps of an AC Maintenance Visit

When technicians visit your home for an AC maintenance visit, they begin by taking a look at the entire system. They will inspect the individual components and find out whether any part has developed problems that may not be evident to you yet. They will detail the issue to you so that you can schedule services or they may make minor adjustments to tune up some of the parts. Additionally, some of the parts may be cleaned so that they can run smoothly.

The Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance

A tune–up and cleaning of your system may provide you with all of the following benefits.

  • Better Efficiency: When all of the parts of your air conditioner run smoothly, they’ll need to consume less energy to operate. Maintenance brings your system back up to peak efficiency.
  • Fewer AC Repairs: An air conditioning tune–up can stop repair issues from forming in the first place. All summer long, you get the security of knowing your air conditioner is in good condition and has little chance of the parts failing unexpectedly.
  • Longer Lifespan: One of the main benefits of regular tune–ups is the potential for your AC system to last longer than it otherwise would.
  • Peace of Mind: Because your technician will thoroughly inspect the system, you’ll know early on whether your air conditioner is in good condition for the summer.

When Should You Schedule an AC Tune–Up?

We recommend scheduling an air conditioning tune–up before the beginning of each cooling season. Call an expert for air conditioning maintenance each spring if you want to see your air conditioner run smoothly all summer long. Technicians are not so busy in the springtime, so they have open availability at this time, and it ensures that your system will be in peak shape for the start of the summer weather. But making an appointment for maintenance a little later in the year will still deliver results. In the area, you can sign up for our Comfort Club membership so that you get appointment reminders each year and regular maintenance for your AC and heating systems.

Air Conditioning Experts knows just what to look for during an air conditioning maintenance visit, and we can get your system to perform at its peak. Our maintenance services lowers your monthly costs and your repair bills, so contact our professionals to set up an appointment today. Although we do offer fast and professional service for AC repairs in Birmingham, we’d much rather help you prevent any issues in the first place. Ask about our Comfort Club membership if you want to see continued performance and efficiency each year.