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Heat Pumps in Birmingham, AL

The heat pump is an HVAC installation that is gaining a lot of popularity. And yet, many homeowners in the area still haven’t heard about the many benefits of installing this system instead of a central air conditioner or heater. Heat pumps are air conditioners and heating systems in one, and they work very efficiently for most of the year. Schedule heat pump installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance with our talented team, and see the difference a high-efficiency heat pump system can make on your energy bills. Call Air Conditioning Experts today to learn more!


Air Conditioning Experts provides heat pump services in Birmingham, AL and the surrounding areas.

The Heat Pump: How It Works

A heat pump system is set up in a similar manner to a traditional central air unit. There is an outside condenser portion along with an indoor air handler, and refrigerant cycles around both portions of the system again and again. The indoor air handler also contains a blower, which moves air over the evaporator coil as refrigerant flowing through it absorbs heat. The heat dissipates when the refrigerant condenses outdoors, and this is how your home cools down in the summer.

This process uses the same components as a conventional air conditioner uses in the summer. The only difference is that a heat pump has additional valves that allow refrigerant to flow in the opposite direction. When it does, it absorbs heat from the air outside of your home and moves it indoors.

This is an efficient way to heat a home because so much less energy is used to move heat around than is used to generate heat as a conventional heater does. However, the heat pump may fail to perform so efficiently if temperatures approach freezing. But your technician should install backup heating elements that take over when your heat pump cannot perform properly.

Heat Pump Maintenance and Repair

Like any central air conditioning and heating system, proper maintenance helps to keep all of the parts of your heat pump in the best shape possible. Schedule maintenance each year in the area with our technicians if you’d like to do your part to prevent repairs from happening over the year and if you want to see your bills remain as low as possible. If you do find yourself in need of heat pump repair, you can trust our experts to identify the issues fast and detail the issues to you in an honest, informative way.

Call Us for Heat Pump Services

Whether you need a new heat pump installed or you have an emergency heating and cooling repair, we’re happy to assist you with outstanding service and workmanship. We can make sure that your system is handled carefully from day one so that you reap all of the benefits that a whole–house heat pump has to offer. When you hire our trained and experienced technicians, you can count on customer satisfaction. In fact, we guarantee it 100%. We are one of the premier heat pump installers and service technicians in the Birmingham area, and our service trucks remain stocked so that we can take care of most issues on the spot. Call Air Conditioning Experts today to schedule heat pump installation or service in Birmingham