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Solar Air Conditioner Services in Birmingham, AL

Finding a quality central air conditioning system for new installation is an important step in your home comfort. But the energy bills that go along with conventional air conditioners are often a lot higher than you’d like them to be. Air conditioning systems take up a significant portion of the average utility bills. But you’ve got a renewable energy source right above your home already that could cut your energy bills dramatically if you use it to power this vital component of your comfort system—the energy of the sun.


Solar air conditioning installation is one of the best ways to lower your bills and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. Our experts can help you achieve energy efficiency with quality installation services from technicians you can trust. We also service solar cooling systems (including systems we didn’t install ourselves) and we offer general maintenance services as well. Call Air Conditioning Experts today for comprehensive solar air conditioning services.

Air Conditioning Experts provides solar air conditioning services in Birmingham, AL and the surrounding areas.

Is Solar AC Installation a Good Choice?

One of the most common misconceptions about solar air conditioning is that it’s only a worthwhile investment for certain areas of the country. We do get our share of colder weather in Birmingham, and the occasional gloomy day, but solar air conditioning can still help you save a lot of money at the time of year your bills are often the highest.

Choosing the solar air conditioner that is right for your home is the difficult part of the decision–making process. There are several different designs for solar air conditioning systems, including those that use the conventional PV (photovoltaic panels) and those that use solar collectors, both of which are installed on the rooftop of your home. Your technician can explain your options to you so that you can make the right decision and find a system that is appropriate for your needs.

Solar Cooling Maintenance and Repair

One major benefit of solar air conditioning systems is that it’s not very often they require extensive repairs. Solar air conditioners are quite durable, with a lifespan that is higher than average for air conditioners in our area, but you may still require services at some point. Any time your air conditioner isn’t performing to your standards or if you suddenly see your normally low energy bills skyrocket, you should contact one of our solar professionals and we will get there as soon as possible. Whether you need professional AC repair services, or you need a quick check up on your solar AC panels, we’ve got you covered. 

Air Conditioning Experts Installs and Services Solar AC Systems

If you are considering solar air conditioning installation, it’s important to talk to professionals who know what they are doing. Technicians who don’t have much experience with solar air conditioners may not know the fundamentals of hooking up the system, or they may install the solar collector in a less–than–ideal location. In either case, poor installation can result in faulty system operation.

Call our team of professionals if you want to speak with professionals who have experience installing and servicing solar air conditioners. Air Conditioning Experts employs honest, reliable technicians who will provide you with all of the information you need to make the right decision for your home.