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Keep Your Indoor Air Quality High This Summer with These Tips

June 26th, 2017

air-filterWe are officially in the summer season, though it certainly feels like we have been for the last few weeks. With rising temperatures on a daily basis, it can be tempting to solely focus on keeping your home cool. Climate control is important, but it’s not the only consideration that you need to pay attention to. Indoor air quality can have a huge effect on both your health and comfort levels, especially during the summer when there typically isn’t much fresh air flowing into the home. Let’s have a look at some of the ways that you can improve your indoor air quality this summer.

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Heat Pump Issues to Watch for This Summer

June 12th, 2017

heat-pumpNobody wants to really think about how their heat pump operates. They just want it to work for as long as possible without developing any issues. If you’re using a heat pump to stay cool this summer, though, you need to at least be aware of some of the issues that can affect it. You don’t want to let any issues sneak up on you, at least if you want to keep your system in good condition. The faster you can identify issues and have them repaired, the better off your heat pump will be. With that in mind, have a look at the following issues you should be aware of this summer, and their warning signs.

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3 Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

May 29th, 2017

air-conditioner-cashAir conditioner issues can become especially problematic during the summer, when you rely on your system the most to keep your home comfortable. Unfortunately, summer also happens to be the time when problems are most likely to occur. You should be especially vigilant for warning signs that your air conditioner is in trouble over the next couple of months. Have a look at three of the most common indicators that your air conditioner needs repairs.

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So, What’s With All the Weird Noises Coming from My AC?

May 15th, 2017

air-conditionerIf you’ve had your air conditioner for any length of time, you’re probably pretty familiar with the sounds that it makes while it’s on. If your air conditioner suddenly starts making unusual noises while you’re using it this summer, you really shouldn’t ignore it. Weird sounds are typically among the first signs that your air conditioner is experiencing issues. Have a look at the various weird sounds that you might hear while your air conditioner is experiencing issues, and the problems they highlight.

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Why Your Heat Pump Needs Bi-Annual Preventive Maintenance

May 1st, 2017

heat-pumpIf you’re using a heat pump to stay cool this summer, you need to make sure that it’s ready for the added demand. The biggest part of that is scheduling preventive maintenance. Even if you had it done last fall, less than a year ago, you still need to make sure that you have it done this spring. Let’s take a look at why it’s so important to schedule bi-annual maintenance for your heat pump.

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If You Want to Cut Monthly Costs This Summer, Install a Solar AC

April 17th, 2017

solar-panelsSummer is not far off now, which means you need to start thinking about the air conditioning situation in your home. Preventive maintenance, repairs, and the like are all important, of course. If you’re in the market for an entirely new system, though, you have the opportunity to improve your air conditioning situation in some exciting new ways. If you’re looking to cut your air conditioning costs starting this summer, one of the best things we can recommend is installing a solar air conditioner.

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It’s Time to Schedule Maintenance for Your Air Conditioning System

April 3rd, 2017

The weather is already getting hot and humid this month, and it’s only going to get worse as we move into summer. If you’re not already using your air conditioner to keep your home cool, you probably will be sooner rather than later. Before you start relying on your air conditioner that often, though, it’s a really good idea to make sure that the system is ready for it. Summer is an incredibly stressful time for air conditioning systems, and if yours isn’t properly prepared you could find yourself dealing with some expensive repairs. Let’s take a look at how preventive maintenance can prepare your air conditioner for the coming hot months.

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Do I Need to Replace My Air Conditioner Before Summer?

March 20th, 2017

We have a few more weeks of cool weather before the days start to warm up. Before we get to summer, though, it’s a good idea to make sure that your air conditioner is able to handle another hot season. If it isn’t, now is the time to replace it. Subjecting a worn out air conditioner to a lot of stress, is a great way to cause it to break down on you in the middle of the hottest months of the year. You obviously don’t want to do that, so make sure that you know the signs that your system is in need of replacement.

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3 Indications That Your Heat Pump Needs Replacing

March 6th, 2017

So you’ve had your heat pump for quite a while, and you’ve taken great care to make sure that it gets what it needs to stay in top shape. Professional checkups twice a year, prompt repairs when necessary, etc. etc. That’s all well and good, but even with careful attention you can’t keep the system running forever. Eventually the heat pump will break down permanently, and you’ll have to install a new one. What’s important is that you are able to recognize the signs that your system is reaching the end of its life, so that you can replace it before it breaks down entirely.

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2 Heating Ratings You Should Know How to Read

February 20th, 2017

There are a lot of decisions you need to make when selecting a new heating system, some of which are more obvious than others. Sure, there’s size, type, model, fuel, and the like to consider. One thing that you should always take a look at, though, is the heating efficiency rating. Not all heating systems are created equal when it comes to heating efficiency. If you don’t take the time to properly compare heating efficiency ratings, you may not end up with the right system for your needs. There are two major heating efficiency ratings that you should be looking at, one for combustion systems and one for electrical systems.

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