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Serving Birmingham, AL and the Surrounding Areas

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Birmingham, AL Commercial HVAC Services

Residential climate control is obviously important, but it’s not the only place where keeping a comfortable air temperature is desirable. Most of us spend quite a bit of time at work inside an office, store or warehouse. Those areas need climate control just as much as homes do. After all, it’s really hard to focus on what you’re working on when it’s either freezing or swelteringly hot. If your commercial building isn’t as comfortable as it should be, call Air Conditioning Experts today to schedule an appointment. We offer comprehensive commercial HVAC services. No matter what state your climate control is in, we can help you out.


Air Conditioning Experts provides commercial HVAC services near Birmingham, AL and the surrounding areas.

Commercial Heating

Birmingham may not be the coldest place in the country during the winter, but it can still get quite cold. You definitely don’t want to try and make it through the winter without a good commercial heating system on your side. We offer a wide variety of commercial heating services, from installation to repair and maintenance. If you need help with a commercial heating system, we can help you out.

We Install and Service Commercial Heating Systems

Installing a commercial heating system is no easy task. These are massive, heavy pieces of equipment, which is why they are typically housed outside of the building. If you need a commercial heating system installed, you’re going to need a professional company to do it. We offer comprehensive repair services, as well. Commercial heating systems need repairs and maintenance just as much as any residential system. If you already have a commercial heating system, and it’s acting strangely, just give us a call and we’ll take a look at it. We’ll make sure that your commercial heating system serves you well for years to come.

Commercial Air Conditioning

If you’ve ever spent a summer here without air conditioning, then you know how horrible that can be. It’s not just the heat, after all, but the humidity. If you want to keep your place of work cool and dry during the hot summer months, we highly recommend a commercial air conditioning system. Just give us a call for more information. We offer a full range of commercial air conditioning services.

We Offer Comprehensive Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Just like with a commercial heating system, you’re going to need a professional company to install something as large and complex as a commercial air conditioning system. We’ll make sure that your air conditioning installation goes smoothly, giving your system the best possible start to its years of service. If and when your system develops problems, though, don’t worry about it! We also repair and maintain commercial air conditioning systems. If your commercial air conditioning system is acting up for whatever reason, we are here for you. Just give us a call, and we’ll come take a look at it.

Call Us Today for All Your Commercial HVAC Needs

No matter what kind of commercial climate control service you need, Air Conditioning Experts can provide it. All of our technicians are experts in the field, with many years of professional experience. We’re a full service company, covering installation, repair, maintenance and replacement. All you need to do is call and tell us what you need. We’ll take care of the rest.