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Ductless Heating Services in Birmingham, AL

Ductless HVAC systems have become a very popular choice among homeowners in Alabama and for good reason: they are reliable systems that offer both heating and cooling as well as good energy efficiency. But gaining the benefits a ductless heating and cooling system has to offer hinges on a very important thing: hiring experts to handle the installation, repair and maintenance of your system. A ductless heating system uses heat pump technology in order to provide your home with heating and cooling it needs. Heat pumps are fairly complicated devices, and they work very differently from traditional heating systems because they don’t actually generate heat; they transfer it. The good news is that the NATE-certified HVAC professionals at Air Conditioning Experts have years of experience working with ductless systems, so when you call us for heat pump services, you can rest assured that your ductless system is in great hands.


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How Does Ductless Heating Work?

As with ductless cooling, your ductless heating system has an outdoor unit and indoor blowers; a single outdoor unit can typically support four blowers, but some can support up to six. But the difference between a cooling–only ductless system and a ductless heating system is heat pump technology. This means that your ductless heating system can also cool your home, too. The key difference between a cooling–only ductless system and a ductless heating system is a single component: the reversing valve. This component is what allows a heat pump to offer both heating and cooling. Otherwise, the set–up of the system is the same between both: the indoor blowers are mounted against walls or hung from ceilings, and the blowers connect to the outdoor unit via a conduit drilled into an exterior wall. The heating (or cooling) process begins when you turn on a single blower.

Why Consider a Ductless Heating System?

Wondering why ductless heating may be a good choice for your home? Here are some benefits to consider:

  • 2–in–1 system – thanks to heat pump technology, your ductless heating system can also keep you cool all summer long!
  • Very good energy efficiency – heat pumps use only 25–50% of the electricity that a traditional split system air conditioner uses, and they don’t need any kind of fossil fuel to work. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about air loss because there is no ductwork.
  • Longer lifespan than a separate heating system – heat pumps have an average lifespan of 20–25 years as compared to a traditional heating system, which typically has a lifespan of 15–18 years.
  • Customized heating – the indoor blowers operate independently, allowing you to truly customize your comfort with both heating and cooling.