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Indoor Air Quality Services in Birmingham, AL

When someone asks you about indoor air quality, do you mostly think of having the right temperature? While correct temperature has a lot to do with being comfortable, it isn’t everything. There are a lot of aspects to having good indoor air quality, including balanced humidity, clean, fresh air to breathe and overall comfort, and all of these attributes simply do not originate with just the temperature. Let us ask some more specific questions. For instance, do you or your family members have a sneezing fit every time your HVAC system turns on? Is there a mold or mildew smell coming from your vents? Does your home have a clammy feeling? These kinds of problems are all indicative of poor indoor air quality and the experts at Air Conditioning Experts are here to help. We carry a wide variety of high-quality indoor air quality products, and we have the expertise and experience to help you choose the ones that will greatly improve your home’s air. We can install new components to your existing HVAC system or we can make sure your current ones provide you with the clean air you deserve.


Let Air Conditioning Experts help you keep your indoor air at the highest quality – call us today!

Why Is It Important to Have Good Indoor Air Quality?

You may be thinking, "So what if I sneeze a few times every time my HVAC turns on?" or "I can just put lotion on my dry skin." You can certainly choose to live with these kinds of issues, but when you have an HVAC system that can be upgraded with great indoor air quality products, why would you want to? Having healthy indoor air isn’t just about comfort; it involves other important aspects of your home. For example, your personal health. Many people with allergies also have additional problems, such as asthma, that can be aggravated by allergic reactions. Adding an air filter or air cleaner can significantly reduce the incidences of attacks, and these products work seamlessly with your home’s heating and cooling system. Do you have problems balancing humidity? Our indoor air quality pros can upgrade your HVAC with a humidifier or dehumidifier, depending on what the issue is. And these products don’t just help you – the also help your system. By removing contaminants or keeping the humidity in your home balanced, you allow your system to work normally, not in a state of stress. Let the experts at Air Conditioning Experts help you have the clean, healthy, balanced indoor air you need.

How Do I Choose the Right Indoor Air Quality Product for My Home?

There are a number of great indoor air quality products available for your home. Choosing the product/s that will meet your needs should be something you do with a trained expert, like the ones at Air Conditioning Experts. Our experts will sit down with you and first assess your needs: what is/are the issues in your home? Do you need allergy relief? Is there too much humidity? Once we understand what the problems are, we can help you determine which products will help you achieve the indoor air quality you want and need in your home.

Air Filters & Purifiers in Birmingham, AL

Air filters are great for allergy sufferers and for clearing more dust and dirt from your HVAC system. There are a number of choices when it comes to installing an air filtration system in terms of strength and efficiency, and our experts can help you find the right air filter for your home.

Air purifiers use electricity to clean your indoor air. There are three types of air purifiers: UV germicidal lighting, ion generators and electrostatic precipitators. We can help you find the right air purifier for your needs, or keep an existing one running optimally with repair and maintenance services. Just give us a call and schedule an appointment.

Whole House Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

While we are known for our humidity during the summer, many homes have the opposite problem during the winter: the indoor air becomes too dry. Excessively low humidity can cause problems for you and your HVAC system, but we can help with the installation of a new humidifier or with expert repair services for your existing one.

If your air conditioning system struggles with the humidity in our area, you can give your AC the added help it needs with a whole home dehumidifier. This IAQ product blends seamlessly with your existing HVAC system, but to gain its benefits, it’s important to hire an expert for installation and service. Our IAQ pros can help with both – just give us a call!

Air Duct Cleaning, Sealing & Repair

Dirty ductwork can be a serious problem for both you and your HVAC system, but not when you hire our experts for professional air duct cleaning in Birmingham. Our pros have years of ductwork cleaning experience, as well as the latest tools, to ensure that your ductwork gets as clean as possible.

It isn’t unusual for ductwork to develop cracks, holes and broken seals over time. When this happens, significant air loss can occur, driving your energy bills up and your indoor comfort down. However, with professional duct sealing by Air Conditioning Experts, you can regain the efficiency of your system in a single appointment.

When ductwork becomes damaged from excessive corrosion, collapses or other issues, it’s time to call our experts for ductwork repair in Birmingham, AL. We can help restore your ductwork to full functionality, making sure our work integrates perfectly with the rest of your ductwork system. Call us today and let our HVAC professionals get your ductwork back on track with expert duct repair services.